Training is an integral part of our system. The training is imparted in 2 segments. One is the basic training to people joining the team and the other is update existing Human resources with latest technology to go by the age. This continuous effort of ours has retained our clients over long years.

Education Zone Pvt Ltd is going to launch a Finishing School and Training Institution for the fresh Engineers who have completed their Engineering Courses on Information Technology and also Telecommunications. Successful students will then appear at the interview and get the opportunity in the job market. This institute will conduct advance courses for updating technical knowledge of the existing team working for Education Zone.

Presently, the company a fully equipped training centre in-house with a Training Hall having Projectors and Video Conferencing facilities and also having a good numbers of Highly Experienced Telecom Professionals who trains the fresher to get practical atmosphere to update and upgrade on IT & Telecommunications.

  • BSS :- I&C and O&M on BTS, BSC
  • NSS:- Switch , HLR,VLR, SGSN, GGSN, MGW, PDSN etc
  • RF:- Radio NW optimization & Planning
  • Transmission:- MW I&C ,MW Transmission Planning, MW link planning and Link Budget release, I&C and O&M of MUX, Implementation and Monitoring of NMS for MW and Transmission nodes(MUXs)
  • OMCR:-Monitoring of Active and passive alarms in Transmission and Radio NW trough OMCr and NMS
  • OMCs:-Monitoring of active alarms in NSS through OMCs

The Telecom Division activities involve

The Telecom Division activities involve Operation and Maintenance of Cell sites both Passive and Active Operation and maintenance of DG as an Authorized Dealer of Manufacturer EMF and Radiation measurement NPO inclusive of RF/TX Planning, Design & Optimization etc. TSP(Infra build up) Project Infra up gradation of Cell sites Installation & Commissioning of MW & BTS OFC cable laying by HDD/ open trench/Overhead OFC cable splicing and testing Project Monitoring Services

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